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20 years of experience and technology at the service of the milling industry


Beltres, a company born in 1992, with 2 partners and lifelong friends (Naldo Beltrami and Andrés Esposito)

Together they traveled the country from mill to mill as high-precision carpenters. Sieves of all sizes, adapted to different plansifter models.

Beltres, a family business that generated the change from conventional screens to high-capacity screens in Argentina, increasing the sifting surface and therefore the percentage of flour extraction.
The motto has always been and will always be to detect the client's needs and work together for continuous improvement. More than 120 mills guarantee our work.


The plansifters are the soul of the mill, it is where we can increase the efficiency of flour yield, simply with an adjustment in the diagram and changing some drawers for those that have a larger sifting surface.

That is "Our specialty" since 1992. More than 160 mills guarantee our work.

#Sieves for plansifters of all sizes on the market

#Sieves for single or twin channel

#Spare parts for interchangeable looms

#Clothing service

#We manufacture the only manual entelaging machine "with its own patent"

#Plansifter maintenance service
#Advice and assembly on complete plansifter renovations

#Plansifter doors, plugs, plush fabric to prevent leaks.

#ANNEX RUBBER ARTICLES: rubber, weather stripping, anti-vibration blocks, glass hoses, o-ring, rubber floors

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